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The mini MBA is a concept that is increasingly common in the world of education. But what is it? Who is it suitable for? And how does the shortened program compare to a “regular” Master of Business Administration?

Within the professional university Netherlands Business Academy, Nicole Veraart is responsible for new courses of study, including the mini MBA program since 2019. We asked her everything about MBA, short MBA and the content of both courses. Interested in the content of both programs?

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What is a Master of Business Administration (MBA)

“Although the MBA has its origins in the US, it is today one of the most internationally known master’s degrees. The difference with other master’s programs is the strongly practice-oriented character of the program. In the training this often translates into testing by means of papers, case studies and presentations. All this with the aim of making the transition to the professional field. Although there is a wide range on the market, not all MBA programs are accredited. The NVAO accreditation is very important because it guarantees the quality of the training and there is absolute added value if you can receive an accredited diploma. ”

Why should one follow a MBA?

“An MBA is a valuable addition for (future) managers. A manager must quickly process information, analyze complex matters and make strategic decisions. The higher someone functions in an organization, the more complex the environment and the more important it is to possess sufficient skills to understand problems. So a general manager should actually have a helicopter view and bring at least a basic knowledge of all business processes in order to be able to switch quickly. “

You offer part-time and fulltime MBA’s?

At Netherlands Business Academy we focus on two groups:

  1. Professionals who want to follow a part-time training to get more out of their career.

This part-time course lasts 2.5 years in which you work on your final assignment: the thesis in the last six months. During these 2.5 years, you must take into account a study load of approximately 10 hours per week (including lecture days). Precisely because our participants are professionals, the program is packed with practical examples so that our teachers, including specialists from the field, can directly explain the theory on the basis of these examples. There is often also a great learning process between participants themselves because they gain insights into what is going on in other organizations.

2. Fulltime international master students

We offer a several double degree programs with renowned partners all over the world. In these partnerships we offer students the possibility to spend their final year in the Netherlands to earn a double degree diploma. But we are also focussing on EU funded projects and are hoping to start in 2022 with fulltime master students at City Campus for the full length of their master program. ”

Can you tell us more about what makes an MBA a practical master’s degree?

“Because you complete each module with a paper in which you apply the theory to your own field of work, the MBA is a very practical training where you can immediately apply your development. This is one of the reasons why employers most of the time are positive about following a practice-oriented master’s degree. We often see that our students are supported in both time and training budget by their employer. The added value for the company is immediately visible from the first module because the employer sees that the papers that the students write are immediately applicable in the organization. But there are of course also self-employed people or students who want to invest in their own development. Then it can be quite a step to take an MBA, both in terms of time and financially. But we always get positive feedback that it was worth their time and money by the time they walk up the stage to receive their MBA! “

So what is a shortened MBA track?

“The shortened MBA trajectory is also called mini MBA. This program is ideal for the professional who does not want to or cannot follow a complete Master’s program and who wants to develop themselves efficiently and effectively in a short time. Mini MBA is the way to broaden and update knowledge in a targeted manner by seeing all the highlights of the regular MBA pass by in a number of days. There are a few clear examples when this is interesting, this may be because you already have a master’s degree in a specific field and need more general business knowledge (for a management position, for example). However, it can also be interesting when you are unsure whether the investment of following a full Master’s degree is the right choice. Will I be able to combine work / life balance with education? However, there are also participants who indicate that they have serious doubts about which training institute can best meet the need and in this way get to know us as a training institute. In short; there can be many different reasons for not wanting to start a 2.5-year full master’s degree, but for developing yourself. ”

Can you tell us more about mini MBA vs. the regular MBA?

“The mini MBA course is exactly what its name implies: the regular accredited MBA course in short. Perhaps very bland, but it does cover the matter. Each module from the regular MBA program is briefly discussed in the mini MBA program; but in one day. The professors of the MBA course have reduced the 3- or 4- day modules to one day in which the most important insights, theories and practical examples are presented. This is exactly how our mini MBA distinguishes itself from other programs; we see that there they often focus on a number of courses from the regular MBA and cover them completely. We consciously choose to introduce the participant to all subjects, if you still want to deepen your knowledge, the full MBA or a separate masterclass on that subject will be ready for you. ”

So is it possible to follow up the mini MBA with the full MBA?

“Absolutely! When you have followed the mini MBA program, you can easily move on to the full MBA because you have the taste for it. This of course gives exemption for certain parts and you have already seen a lot of theory so that you will get even more out of it. You have also laid a foundation in your mini-papers during this short program that you can expand, so that the study load for the regular MBA is lower. However, we have also seen students choose to take the full module of one or two specific subjects simply because there is more interest in whether this is an important part of their current position. It is also possible that you are not eligible for a master’s degree on the basis of your previous education, but are still admissible due to the mini MBA track. We always look at this on a case-by-case basis, so that is a bit of custom work! ”


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