City CampusDordrecht

City Campus Dordrecht is located at the historic city centre of the Dutch town of Dordrecht with its headquarters at the historic building Wereldwaag. This beautiful building has been marked a Dutch National Monument. The building dates from 1750; its foundation goes back to the Middle Ages. Before the Wereldwaag was built, The Bleijenburg house, named after the prominent Bleijenburg family was located here. This family was active in the Dordrecht city council and responsible for the quality of the coins minted for Holland at that time. Since the new construction in 1750 several influential Dordrecht citizens owned the property. In 1826 it came into the hands of a bookseller, who for a short time was the employer of Vincent van Gogh during his stay in Dordrecht. The building has a rich educational history. In 1918, the Christian Lyceum and the Rijks H.B.S. (the Higher Civic School) were located here. Wereldwaag has had several educational purposes since then. Now the property again receives an educational destination! City Campus Dordrecht (CCD) offers a variety of Master and Bachelor programs as well as training programs in Mediation, Personal leadership and Vitality.

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