Bachelor Business Administration (BBA)

Broaden your knowledge

The Bachelor Business Administration program supports the transition to positions at a higher management level where new aspects are becoming increasingly important. For example, there are increasingly management responsibilities and the processes in the company must be looked at with a broader view. Skills such as leadership, communication and meeting techniques also become an essential part of functioning. The Bachelor Business Administration course gives substance to this development. The training is ideally suited for middle managers who want to progress to bachelor level or who want to broaden their knowledge in addition to a previously obtained bachelor diploma in another direction.


To make your performance in practice concrete, the concept of “professional product” is central to our training. Professional products are goods or services that a professional provides to an internal or external customer, who meet predefined quality requirements with regard to the product and / or the process, and that directly or indirectly create added value. During the professional practice component of the training you work on these professional products and their functioning in practice. The results, in the form of practical and work reports, self-assessment and reflection documents and the specific professional products, are collected and stored in your digital portfolio. This professional practice formation covers half of the study load of the program.

Functional areas

The professional products are specified in the training profile. The Bachelor Business Administration program focuses primarily on the management function area, while in the context of the desired outflow direction during the professional practice formation work can be done on professional products from, for example, the logistics service areas, marketing management, information management, business economic services and financial administrative services.

The Bachelor Business Administration has a broad set-up, whereby students are trained to function at middle and higher level within any organization.

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